About – Ocean | Earth | Track

Thank you for checking out my work. I am Ollie Ward, a freelance photographer from Melbourne Australia.

My passion for photography started at a young age through my interest in motorcycle racing. As time went on and my skills were honed, my passion grew and OCEAN EARTH TRACK evolved as the three forms that inspire me behind the lense.

I’ve always been attracted to the ocean, its smell, the air, the sound and the atmosphere that makes it such a special place. When it come to photography ocean just draws you in, the horizon line might always be the same but everything in between is forever changing, textures ,colours, waves; it all comes together so differently, every time. I love the ocean and what it brings to my photography so living in Australia I’m being spoilt for choice when it comes to the ocean; it surrounds my country and draws me back again and again.

What is earth? Well, good question. As opposed to my ocean and track photography where i stand the same and let my subjects change and evolve, in my earth photography l am the one changing. Jumping from behind-the-scenes shots during filming productions, to headshots and portraits, to fascinating landscapes I encounter in my travels and the people in my life, earth is life and it never stays the same. I like it that way. Do you?

My first taste of photography when I was younger was at the track, shooting motorcycles. I remember using roll after roll of film and then the wait for it to get developed to see if I managed to capture one of the fastest riders in the world in my frame. The challenge grew as time went on and digital photography came into play. When you could see what you captured instantly on the back of the camera it became a totally different world. The track is the place where man and machine push the limits as you look through the viewfinder and that split second click could be the difference between a good photo and a great photo. As I continue to shoot moto-sport tracks, I challenge myself with new techniques and always look for different images. The track itself might always be the same but the riders, the machines and the dynamics are forever changing so to keep up, I need to be that one click ahead.